In any onshore build or construction site, temporary or mobile, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the health, safety and working environment for the workers. Inadequate coordination lead to a large number of occupational accidents as many activities are ongoing concurrently. Byggherreforskriften, the Construction Client Regulations order no 599 describes the responsibiliites of the client throughout the construction process, in order to ensure the safety, health and working environment of the construction site.

SHA/HSE needs to be carried out throughout the project to ensure that the right activities are carried out at the right time. Each phase has its own specific needs for the organisation. Proper timing ensures that the right level of safety can be achieved, and that costs are kept low. Proper planning, a good organisation, and follow up of the work ensures the safety of the workers.

We can help you ensure the safety of the workers, by helping you plan, execute and follow up all HSE activities from project ideation through to finished build. Our practical approach ensures the safety of your workers, that you follow rules and regulations, and that the HSE activities are carried out smoothly and efficiently.


We can take on all roles for you SHA needs. These typically include:

  • Be your in-house supplier of all HSE/SHA services including creating, coordinating and carrying out the SHA programme
  • Be your advisor in the full project scope, from idea to finished build
  • Develop bespoke SHA system to coordinate you and your subcontractors
  • Follow up SHA activities to ensure all SHA are met on time and at the right level
  • Establish a SHA/HMS system for internal control, including establishment of SHA plan in compliance to Internkontrollforskriften (Systematic health, environmental and safety activities in enterprises) and Byggherreforskriften (Construction Client regulations)
  • Establish a bespoke HMS philosophy in accordance with regulations
  • Establish a HMS philosophy:
    • Routines and procedures for risk analysis and safe job analysis (SJA) for high risk tasks as working at height
    • Establish procedures for training and use of protective equipment
    • Establish systems for reporting and following up incidents
    • Establish routines for training and following up subcontractors
  • Responsibility matrix with duties and responsibilities according to Byggherreforskriften
  • Following up subcontractors, which are to be included in the SHA plan if they are part of the installation/build
  • Implement and establish systematic HMS methodology training for project managers in offices and in the field

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